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Big Round Neodymium Magnets Disk/plate/disc/round Magnets

Big round neodymium magnets disk/plate/disc/round magnets Admin Edit

0.01 USD
Min. Order: 1000 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, D/A, T/T, WU
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Air, courier express
Production Capacity: 1million pcs per month
Packing: neutral, 330x260x150mm... Delivery Date: 2-4 weeks
Shape: Disc Application: Industrial Magnet
Type: Permanent Composite: NdFeB Magnet
Brand Name: MaximMag Coating: Nickel-Copper-Nickel, Zn, Epoxy, Phosphate
Density: 7.5g/mm³

MaximMag is a quality NdFeB magnet manufacturer in Ningbo of China, by focusing on improving clients' experience of our service MaximMag is aiming to be a reliable brandname in magnetic industry.

Product Description

    Disc/disk/round magnets in neodymium-iron-boron material;

2. Size

Customized size: according to your requirements/drawings. 

Tolerance: +/-0.05mm, +/-0.1mm or  according to your request.

3. Grade

N35-N52, N35M-N50M, N35H-N48H, N35SH-N48SH, N28UH-N40UH,N28EH-N35EH, N28AH-N33AH;


4. Coatings

Ni, Ni-Cu-Ni, Zn, Tin, Epoxy, Ni-AG, Ni-Au, Passivation, Parylene, Everlube, etc. 


5. Production Time

2-4 weeks roughly.

6. Certification and Quality Control

ISO9001: 2008, strict quality control ensuring no magnets with unexpected defections;

7. Applications

Electric Motors, Generators, Wind turbines, Sensors, Speakers, Earphones and other musical instruments, Magnetic therapy devices, Magnetic Chuck, magnetic bearings and couplings, NdFeB Pot Magnet and other magnetic applicatications.

8. Directions of Magnetization

A. Thickness Magnetized

B. Axially Magnetized

C. Diametrally Magnetized

D. Multi-poles magnetized


9. Features

a. The magnet grades in N series are available from N35 to N52 grade (from 11.7KGs to 14.8KGs);

b. Competitive prices;

c. Reasonable delivery time;

d. Good in-house inspection, ISO certified;

e. Free samples available;

f.  Experienced sales staff who speaks good English, offering quick and good service


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Category: Disc magnets

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